From idea to product

Our ambition is to deliver products and services that meet or exceed our customers expectations. Our simple four steps method takes you from idea to finished product.

Call or email us! It should be both quick and easy to get in touch with us. Look under the tab "Contact".
How can we help? We always start to discuss your questions, wishes and needs. Our understanding of your needs will increase accuracy and reduce time to finished product.
We present our proposal for you! Once we have defined your needs we let loose our own and our partners creativity and produce suggestions and solutions for you. We produce samples that you can test. Sometimes some additional adjustment needs to be done.
Ordering and delivery! At this stage we have made all the adjustments and ensured that the final results are as you expected. If you’re satisfied, you place an order to start manufacturing of your product. Then we wait with bated breath for your new consumer product to appear on the market!